Debt Advice

Typical triggers for our clients to seek debt advice are:

  • Creditors cannot be satisfied and are threatening enforcement.
  • Cannot obtain further credit.
  • Redundancy or relationship breakdown.
  • Poor health brought on by debt stress.
  • Cannot re-mortgage or make a change to an existing mortgage.

The emotional impact of debt can be worsened by additional pressures throughout the year such as the cost of Christmas, education fees and healthcare expenditure.

Do you feel the pressure of being in debt?

If you answer yes to the questions below, Providence Insolvency Practitioners can help resolve your debt problems:

  • Just cannot pay your debts as they fall due?
  • Cash flow problems as a result of your debt burden?
  • Will you fully disclose your financial position to the Insolvency Service?
  • Can you make reasonable changes to your lifestyle to make a debt resolution arrangement work?
  • Are you able to commit to monthly payments for up to 5 years into a debt resolution arrangement?

Debt worries? You are not unique.

In the Republic of Ireland over 100,000 people are having financial problems and at least 50% of people with debt problems also have health problems.

People with financial problems need empathy, understanding, patience and support if they are to recover financially and emotionally from their plight. At Providence Insolvency Practitioners we believe that time spent helping people address their debt problems can help their overall health and well-being, improve their financial management and reduce their use of social and medical services.

That’s why we believe that dealing effectively with debt problems, is a sure road to improving long term quality of life.

We can help you get on top of your debt.

At Providence Insolvency Practitioners we know that debt issues can affect people from all walks of life. We understand that money worries add up to more than just numbers. We take a truly personal and empathic approach to helping people resolve their debt issues.

We also know that the day-to-day pressure of dealing with your creditors and trying to find the next payment can stop you making sensible long-term decisions on your finances and debt. That is why we provide all of the objective, professional and informed support and advice you need to regain control of your finances and future

Get on top of your debt, your way, with help from Providence Insolvency Practitioners.

Following our first meeting, if we believe that we can really help you resolve your debt crisis, then we will use all our experience and expertise to guide you along the road that leads from debt to financial recovery.

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